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Old (Ode) tweets

For Lia;-) It took me longer than I thought to find this tweet! đź’‹

Jewels Eclipsing

IN i remain in with himby design not desirehe gives me a luxurious spaceto create and collect pearlsthat were never grains ofsand in oystershe lets me gather themonebyonei wear them asi float in the infinity poolpraying pagan prayers untilmy heart is warmedby the light from God’s skyi apologize to Himabout

Summer Flings

you sucked meinto your webwhat a whirlwhat a worldyou strung mealongspider girlsilky silky silkysticky sticky stickydidn’t see the fangsright awaynow your venomis in my veinyour velvet feeldrives me insanesilky so silkysticky so stickyspider girl caressesshe paralyzes sensesthose legs wrappedaround me to blameyour bite isdriving me insanespider girl was trickyslipped me

Postcards from Vx

I need to give him the key to my butterfly. It is priceless, but not free. I swallowed it. It is inside of me.

Summer Flings

Summer Flings

pilgrimage of revelation

my sense of wonder was bornon our walkabout that day ofsins and summer things she carried a brown paper bagin her right handin her left handshe clutched my right handi was her delight and she was my sun everyone knew that i was hersand that she was mine where are

postcards from Vx

~a chandelier infusedwith the proper spellcan shed light andobserve scenesof soft savage sensualseductions~

Watch “Robert Plant, Alison Krauss – Please Read The Letter” on YouTube

đź–¤ Writing the letter was an arduous journey. By the end my eyes were parched, the anguish in my brain unbearable, my hand raw.


~When she donnedthe icy blue gownIt turned everyhead in townHer Royal Highnessin his aquamarine designHis first dressdesigned for herhis very best~ Gianni Versace was assassinated onJuly 15 1997.She attended his funeral onJuly 22, 1997. Who would have imagined that she would die less than a month after he was murdered?It

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