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Terminally Lucid

~my~breathing~is~so~shallow~~i~am~a~mere~shadow~of~ ~my~former~self~i~accept~my~~terminal~condition~i~am~ready~~for~departure~let’s~roll~but then… Who are these familiar strangers gathered all around my room? Why aren’t they wearing medical gowns, masks, or gloves? I am highly contagious. I know it’s for my protection as well as theirs. I was just dreaming of my next destination to the other side. I am

A couple of Twilight bites;-)

I was spring cleaning and stumbled on this cool book I purchased almost 8 years ago! I had never looked inside of it until tonight. It was a gray and rainy evening. The perfect treat to accompany me on my journey inside of my home today.🦇 Twilight. I will share

You can’t always get what you want;-)

The Rolling Stones and I go way back. Let’s just say I would do just about anything to attend one of their concerts. The Rolling Stones were coming to town, but tickets to the concert were very $pricey$ and I was in the process of buying a new home. Nope~I

Please don’t

I wore it for two decades.He was the first personwho wanted to seewhat was inside of my locket.I felt the warmth of his handsliding down the chainof my necklace.It rested on my upper chest.He looked into my eyes.I read his mind.I wonder what she has inside of it.If he opens

Spring Flings

“Spring Marches into Aprilin gentle breeze balletsshe pirouettes all brownsinto brilliant living colorsand all the things she kissesturn the buds into flowers…”ValentinA This post will be thoughts, images and observations about the season of spring in and around my yard. This a view from outside of my property. Behind those


I took a photograph of a man sitting in the back of a vehicle at a Veteran’s Memorial cemetery. I came across it today. I realized that many of them are probably vulnerable to the virus. We need to protect them. buried secrets like the ringsinside of trees track how

Black Swan

she is blacklike a swana pretty gargoylein an ugly gardenshe knows everythingabout nothingshe breaks like glassa little girl comesvacuums the shardssucks theminto her heart ❤bloody footprintslead to a caveinside there isan eternal flametiny like a fireflyit stays litthough the fireis smallthe pain tallthe roof about to fall she looks aroundand she

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