▪◾⬛ I have spent many hours, over many years, understanding that the word compartmentalization was not a healthy thing for me to do with the boxes I created in my life. Having written that, the only way I can process what is happening in our country right now, is to


Hmmm. I was not exaggerating when I wrote in a post that I live in the moment from one poem to the other. I am shocked. Case in point… I wrote a poem that was titled Snow Dance in early December. I did not remember that title until I went


A few years ago I was visiting my friend in Waco, Texas. I will keep the reason for my visit personal because that part of the story still breaks my heart. 💔 At one point during our conversation there were some rumbling sounds. Kind of like when you are playing

The Butterfly Effect

If you hurt one human being, you hurt me. Slowly fluttering away from the dark places on the web. I feel safe here, but other social media accounts are associated with the bats and the rats and those I must leave behind~ No offense to real bats 🦇 and rats


I still recollect my first and last kiss in a library. I strolled in averting the eyes of Mrs. Ottoman and her black bouffant. I was ashamed. My books were long overdue. I didn’t have the money to pay the fine. I sensed her peering through me with her legendary x-ray vision.


One of my all time favorite single lines of poetry;-) Everytime I want something I should not want, I look at this image and “paws”…🐾 Ha:-) Image and quote From the book “Bleeding Hearts.” The original image did not have splashes of red and the quote was difficult to read


Early early morning I pulled out old letters from my beautiful dark brilliant brother. Once upon a time he was an elite Army Ranger. No one told a story or joke better than he did. No one. He was wild and warm. He was a drug addict. He was bipolar.

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