Dustin the Demon

I can pinpoint the exact moment that I became fascinated by the psychopathic minds of strange people and the macabre. It came to me by way of a little boy named Dustin, who I now suspect was an earthly demon. He was fiveish. The first time I met Dustin he

The Wilms Invasion

A poem about my family’s battle with cancer many years ago. “The Wilms Invasion” In dreams he could not stop the flow. Morning would come, he would whisper his secrets to the woman that had carried him in her womb. It’s okay mijo… shame never dispensed. He will outgrow this

January 20th

On this day I remember two lives extinguished by hate. First Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in April of 1968. Then his mother was killed in June of 1974 as she sat next to an organ at her church. She gave birth to him on January 15th 1929. January


The title of this post is a new category I will be adding to my blog this year. We are created by our life experiences. I’ve had some doozies;-)🌼 You have too. I am a work of art. You are too. When I choose to explore something or someone, I

Little Witches

My first attempt to write something spooky and sweet that would be appropriate for a child. I stumbled across it while deleting files today. I would enjoy creating more pieces for children in this new year:-)

I found a bird once

  I was not prepared for all of the creatures that would cross my path as a homeowner. I try to save all of them. The mangy dogs, the bruised and bleeding cats, the school of hard knocks turtles, the recently born squirrel my neighbor brought to me in tears.

Winter Loss

  A poem from our second chapbook in The Moonlight Collection series. WINTER LOSS i watch you from my window  you are leaving me forever  a slight chill sneaks into my cell a tear escapes from my blue eye then freezes into a tiny flake of ice no two are alike they whisper

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