Note to self

🤔 Do not write a line in a poem that is a tongue twister because you might actually have to read it out loud to an audience. If only I had a British accent…🤓

the family jewels

shall we play off of each other?like the iridescent colorsin opals…you go firsti like your blue huesi love your red headi lick green celery stalksi dig your black beastmore yellow mellowmore cream please;-) goodnighty🤗 Vx♡


I was trying too hard to get a poem out of my brain today. I posted a poem with typos before I lost my nerve to share it. Thank you for reading my words. I am in the middle of gathering my poems for a collection of some sort…maybe;-) I

Watch “Dumb Ways to Die” on YouTube


softly i gather the leavesthat have fallen from the treethen my hand rakes thewet fresh groundfor a momenti forgeti sit by the trunkno flowers no grassnobody caresi look up throughthe empty branchesa merry- go-roundvertigo dream sends meback to you and meto us as we werei wonderwhat you will dowithout mei


You misunderstood my loveIt wasn’t freeIt wasn’t for saleIt wasn’t on loanIt’s no longer availableThanks for teaching mehow not to love

Someone I Love Died

Twelve months with treatment Six without (She lived her life) Two weeks tops (She lived her life) Small celebrations No expectations She died in her sleep It was peaceful Now go live your life Vx♡

Eostre’s Chrysaliss

Slumbering in her tulip under the unseen Southern Constellation• She awakened at sunrise on that day in Golgotha• The place of skulls and a crucifixion like no other• All night wrapped in her petals close to Him• She an imaginary goddess invisible to mortals• Could she be made energy by


Holy is the waterHeavenly the skyWhy did youAgree to comeWhy did you die I believeThen I don’tSomedaysI think I’ll go to hellOther daysI think I won’tWhy Why Why SometimesI talk to youI feel you understandOther days I talk to youI just get mad demandWhyTell me why I love a good

Postcards from Vx

Doesn’t everyone snort the mist from their diffuser every now and then??? My favorite scents are citrus. Grapefruit. Lemon. Lime. Yeah…Goodnighty. xxxkissiesxxx Vx♡ ;🍋)

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