The Vampire’s Lore

The mystery of shadows
and pools of shade
October’s heart

The leaves fall from their trees
with every autumn breeze
I remember you my work of art

The cemetery fairies dance
upon your empty tomb
late at night
The ghosts of ancient lovers
lost in rapture
hold each other tight

The sod is fresh
The scent so sweet
Breathe in the lust
of seasons past
of white jasmine
and of mint
They lie dormant in wait
about to fall asleep

But not you my love
You will never rest
You shall live forever

Recollect my love
do not forget
Conspire with me my love
have no regret


October changes me
all of my hues
glow in the darkness
that lies beneath
my pulse

October reminds me
to beware
to prepare
to stare
at everything
that lurks within
the truth of lies
the lies of truth

at everything
that might thrill
that might fill
that might kill

that little child
that’s still wild
the trick
or the treat
of my beast

no cure

there is no cure
for the strange
accept the way you are
don’t blame
no one is digging into
your insane
they could care less
if you

you walked away
no one searched
they think about you
just not much

the hours seem painfully long
it isn’t right
it isn’t wrong
(i don’t want to be gone
please listen to my song)

she disappears
goes dark
never lonely
just apart
starting to accept
the way she is
no longer wants
to be just his

each night she throws a dart
it hasn’t found a heart
she fades into the wall
she’s lonely as she crawls

the hours seem painfully long
it isn’t right
it isn’t wrong
(i don’t want to be gone
please listen to my song)

Living on the edge of night
feels eerie
Darkness descends on the wings
Of blackbirds
Spins down the staircase
of my dreamy nightmares
My volume is on mute
The hush hones in on my fragility
Every ounce of my weight is a burden
Keep going just for today
I whisper to myself as if someone might be listening to my crazy

Writing in darkness

To write words in the dark seemed like a strange exercise
At first the poems were lackluster as I read them in the light of morn
The lines were not aligned
Sometimes they were scribbled on top of each other like lovers
It was a strain to remember what I had written or even why
As evenings descended each night I grew more comfortable without the shadows
The hallucinations were far more intriguing
I grew to trust the pen in my hand
I felt safe confessing the thoughts of both the angels and the demons inside of me


After years of avoidance
it seems safe to reach
out and ask,
How are you doing?
For a moment I forget
about your self-induced angst. (lie)
I do remember you
being the uninvited guest
at my wedding.
WTF were you thinking
when you showed up
on my special day
to the man the gods sent me
after you royally fucked up our love???
A cute girl in my study group has invited me to dinner…
you stated so proudly.
Is it okay if I go?
I was shocked.
I could not speak.

The night before
I had worn my
heart on the sleeve
of your white shirt.
Professed my love
for you on the floor
of your apartment.
The next day
you told me about
her invitation.

I smiled at you
pretending not to be crushed as I planned my revenge.
Go… I said on the outside.

Enjoy your last supper with me…
I was thinking on the inside.
Secretly I prayed that you would choke to death on the wishbone from her chicken dinner.
And deep deep
in my broken heart
I knew I would never
have sex with you again.
You were the first love of my life.
I gave you my cherried juice.
I made a voodoo doll that night.
I stuck pins into your heart and all over your soulless brainless body.

I still have the lmf in my collection.
I take it out and remember
the night our love died.
My long memory is eternal.
Our love tossed into the inferno.

But seriously,
How have you been?




The Freaks

It has been a while since I just rambled here. Forgive me in advance for any typos or incohesive/repetitive thoughts.

I have a newly aquired poetry disease. I’m not sure what it is called, but it sucks words that rhyme out of my brain. I set out to write free verse and then by the end, I scan the page and I am freaked out and shocked.

I was on a flight this past week and experienced the worst turbulence ever. I was convinced that my Edgar Allan Poe doll was going to fall out of the overhead compartment. EEEKKK.

The flight back was just as freaky. Our plane came within an inch of lightning. I have decided to stay out of the sky for a while.

And hopefully no more funerals anytime soon. My family expects me to write poetry everytime someone dies and it is becoming a wee bit of a burden.

I went to my first viewing in decades. I also experienced my first rosary. It was a “sorrowful mystery.” Just as I was getting into the rhythm of it…I would glance over at the casket and notice a little nose poking out and it too freaked me out.

I told myself before my trip that I was not going to view the body up close. Sigh. The woman’s husband began sobbing and I was hypnotized into comforting him. This meant that I had to approach the body. I patted his back softly and examined her face. She had beautiful poreless porcelain skin.

My mother was next to me and she too began to cry. So there I was rubbing two sets of shoulders staring into a casket wondering how I might work the scene into some sort of fiction.

Forgive me loved ones, but I am a writer. I attempt to work every experience into something else. Yeah~
I lived in the moment and took in every detail. For the first time in a year I was glad to wear a mask because it put a filter between me and the scent of someone that was dead. I mean no disrespect.

I just googled the embalming process. EEEKKK again.

And then there was the inappropriate laughter. I was whispering to a relative about another family member that had expressed the desire to be cremated.
“So you’re going to burn twice?”
someone asked.

This exchange produced uncontrollable giggles until my mother gave us the shut up and behave look.
Perhaps it would be better to just fall out of the sky and forego embalming or cremation?

OMG. It’s midnight. This is the first time in weeks where time has just flown by. It feels wonderful…


Sugar Cane Road

For Rose

Meet me on Sugar Cane Road
Where virgins still walk on earth
I grasp the hem of a garment
Bloodied since your birth
Trumpets shout out of clouds
From evening until dawn
No one escapes the trials
No matter how smart or strong
Beyond this day we are nomads
Unknowing blind not yet wrought
I entrust you with my destiny
As well as every thought
I had to let you go
As I brought you into the world
But never have I forgotten
My precious little girl
Healing is a revealing
My hands now still and calm
As I slip out of this universe
Let this be our psalm


Martha’s Waltz

Waltz with me a while
I can hear our song
It still makes me smile
I have missed you my love
Though I have carried on
Waited patiently
Some days seemed so long

In dreams the tune returned
Mornings came too soon
It’s my turn to leave
I have no more fear
The sun is setting
I feel your warmth so near
Waltz with me a while
I can hear our song
It still makes me smile
I have missed you my love
Though I have carried on…

Of Respites and Albino Squirrels

I have been away from all of (((you))) and have missed you. March and April were unkind. May is almost over. My sabbatical from writing will end in June.

Tomorrow evening I will be sharing one of my poems with a large group of poets. It is the first year I have been invited to participate in this event and though there are butterflies in my tummy, their flutter is kind of fun;-)

The last couple of weeks have been grueling. Lots of familial challenges and just as many friends struggling to find their way back towards the light.

Last night I was in need of a video editor and an old friend put one in my path. The project is complete, but the news I heard about another friend we had both known and worked with broke my heart. Life goes on with or without us.

On Sunday I will be in Florida to speak at a memorial service for another person I loved and lost.

As I stepped out of my home this morning I finally caught a fantastic glimpse of the albino squirrel the whole neighborhood has been talking and musing about since winter! I had yet to capture a picture of him and suddenly today, when I needed a lift, there he was, eating the acorns from my yard. All I wanted was to take a picture of him before he disappeared.

Mission Accomplished!



Mother’s Day

Don’t be angry my people
I can breathe again here
The mess became beautiful
Listen…I’m near
Imperfect and flawed
We are and will be
This world is not heaven
But still you saw me
Though stained as we are
We hold fast to our dreams
Nothing is ever
As bad as it seems
When my breath became air
It started a fire
It’s over for now
Everyone’s tired
I called to my mamma
In my final minutes
She helped me cross over
Her love has no limits
She gave me my name
They’ll always remember
I love you mamma
On this day and forever