I just finished writing all of my poetry for our new chapbook Forbidden Fruit. This one didn’t make the cut, but… WICK i light the wick of a candle i pause remembering our wicked ways when the heat melts the wax near the wick, it’s being pulled up to feed

Have you ever had an epiphany about an event?

Sometime late summer or early fall you will be seeing posts about an event that will take place next year. It was recently imagined and over the course of one long night of the soul, it suddenly began to metamorphosize. We have a name. Over the next few months more will

Grow up you little p

Ezekiel Elliott is a habitual offender. If he was in my organization I would bye bye him OR I would forbid him to be on the field in his little midriffs. Seriously!  It grosses me out when I see him in them. That is the only kind of consequence that

Power off

You hit the power off button. Tap to turn off your phone. You tap it. The phone goes to sleep. You try, but at midnight you are still awake. You are processing the secrets you are about to unleash into the universe. Your cell phone rings. It’s a call from

Ju ly 1st

Ironically (this insomniac) feels as if her volcano has been asleep for millions of years, but…VERY RECENTLY I LOST and FOUND my magma through a microphone. Oh yeah baby. I erupted~All good monsters do eventually. Welcome to my crusty chunk of earth. You are going to lava it!

May I be frank?

If you are advertising the fact that someone who took their life started or ended with you or your organization…well, the chances are quite high that I will not give much pause to parking myself in your parking lot. Yeah. I am also not going to wear said person’s quotes


Everyone that knows the real me can testify about my love of eggs and skulls. They came together in an odd way and I almost missed the opportunity! I am quite picky about my eggs. Tonight after I boiled a few dozen I almost threw it out… the odd one.

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