stuck in moments

the fog rarely liftsoccasionally it hidesin the recessesof my brokennessit is never gone… justhibernating or waiting on alerteating and drinking are choresso are friends and familywords get stuck in my presentwords betray my pastcongregate in portalslong since boarded upi am weary of the cover-upsurely they too must wish an exiti

hell o

some leave their livesbefore the fade beginsnot everyonewants to seehow it all endsat certain quadrantsthe birds gathersirens sing their hymns


my love, how is your heart today? My heart is black. black like a pearl? No black like coal andmidnight’s soul.I wish to be alone.Please go home. i missed you babe.are you still gray? No I said black,now go away~ baby girlplease!!! No foolnothingherethatyou will ever squeeze…


The color of my heart is red.Red like a fire.Red like the truck that comes to wash the flames away.The color of my heart is red.Red like the cardinal that swooshes by.Red like his blood from the surprise kitty cat attack.The color of my heart is red.Red like the garnet


I was sitting in a quiet place minding my own business when suddenly I began to hear a conversation through a wall. At first I felt guilty because it was obviously meant to be private, but is it my fault that I have superior listening skills comparable to a wolf?

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I have missed all of you;-/ Texas has been paralyzed by the severe winter storm since Sunday. Many of us have temporary icebergs in our yards. This is mine. I named him Lettuce. ☺ I haven’t been able to use some of my social media accounts or email for a

Ash Wednesday

dust brother was dyingmother was cryingdaughter was lyingto daddya little girlbecame mommy’s diary no lockno keyall fantasy inappropriate friendsa means to an endher nouns and verbsdestroyed disturbedthe child that survivedthe psalms of adultsturned over and overin the mind of the accompliceinstead of the merry-go-roundthe small assassin should havebeen enjoying at


meet me by the streamthe place where we dreameverything is splendidall our parts are blended i shall bring the winemy starving valentinewe shall dance til dawnthen lay in bliss and long we’ve not crossed the bridgecome so close to the edgepotent passion poisonedso sweet and moistened


Miss blogging and keeping up with your blogs, but I am launching a new side business and it has me working 24/7! I am excited, but exhausted. Just when I think I can take a moment to read or write…bam! I truly hope to be back soon. Don’t forget about

Destination Procrastination

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